Singamas Qingdao Factory Directly Produce and Sell 20ft Storage Container

Singamas Qingdao Factory Directly Produce and Sell 20ft Storage Container
Product Details


The container is mainly constructed with steel frames, corrugated panels welded by CO2  shielded Arc welding. All welds of the exterior including the base frames are continuous with full penetration. Wooden floor is fixed to the cross members by self-tapping screws.  All crevices will be sealed with elastic sealing compound.


The main constructional materials are shown in Appendix A of the specification.

3.Corner Castings

All corner castings used will comply with ISO/1161 standard.

4.Base Structure

The base structure will be composed of two (2) bottom side rails, a number of crossmembers and one pair of forklift pockets, which are welded together as a sub-assembly.

4.1 Bottom Side Rail

Each bottom side rail is built of a steel pressing made in one piece. The bottom flange face outwards so as to be easily repaired and hard to corrode.

4.2 Crossmember

The crossmembers are composed of a number of small pressed channel section and some large one located beneath each board joint of the plywood, which are placed at certain center distance. There are 3 pcs of t4.0 stiffeners in each joint member.

4.3 Forklift Pocket

There will be a pair of forklift pocket in every container. Each forklift pocket consists of 2 pcs of cross members, one piece of top plate and 2 pcs of bottom plates. Each forklift pocket is designed according to ISO standard :

4.4 Floor Central Rail

A 4.0 x 50 mm flat bar (primed and painted ) loosely placed on top of the crossmembers to support the floorboards at the center. 

4.5 Floor Support Angle

A number of 25 x 25 x 2.3 mm thick angle steel will be placed beside the bottom side rails on the crossmembers to support the floorboards.

4.6 B.S.R.Corner Stiffener

Four corner stiffener, t4.0 x 200 mm thick protection plates will be welded from side rail to corner castings.

1) Dimension

External: length: 6058 mm  width: 2438 mm   height: 1295 mm

Internal: length: 5952 mm  width: 2352 mm   height: 1054 mm

2) Weight

Max Gross Weight: 24000 Kg

Tare Weight: 1850 Kg

Max Payload: 22150 Kg

3) Opening

Door opening: width: /mm   height: / mm

4) Allowable Stacking Weight 86400 kg

5) Cubic Capacity


6) Special Feature

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