Singamas Qingdao Factory Directly Produce and Sell 20'steel Floor Container(IP2)

The rear frame consists of one door header, one door sill, four corner castings and two rear corner posts.

Product Details

The Rear Frame

The rear frame consists of one door header, one door sill, four corner castings and two rear corner posts.

1 Rear Corner Post

Each corner post is constructed from an inner part of channel shaped hot-rolled section steel and an outer part of steel pressing, welded together to form a hollow section to ensure the door opening and suitable strength against the stacking and racking force. Four (4) sets of hinge pin lugs are welded to each outer part of the corner post.

2 Door Header

The door header is constructed from a lower part of a "U" shaped steel pressing with internal stiffener ribs at the location of the cam keeper’s backside and an upper part of steel pressing rear header plate, they are welded together to form a box section to provide a high rigidity.

3 Door Sill

The door sill is built of a special channel section steel pressing with internal ribs as stiffeners at the backside of each cam keeper. The upper face of the sill has a slope for better drainage and the highest part is on the same level to the upper face of the wooden floor. Two channel section steel recesses are provided adjacent to the bottom casting to prevent damage due to any twistlock misalignment.

Side Wall Assembly

The side walls will be continuously welded to each other and to the side rails and corner posts. Welding penetration side panels to rails should be min.75%.

1 Top Side Rails

Each top side rail is used a square steel pipe.          

2 Side Walls

Each side wall will be composed of a number of sheets for the intermediate (inner) parts and outer panels at each end of side wall, fully vertically corrugated into trapezium section, butt welded together to form one panel by automatic welding. 

1) Dimension

External: length: 6058mm   width: 2438mm   height:  2591mm

Internal: length: 5898mm   width: 2352mm   height:  2417mm

2) Weight

Max Gross Weight: 24000Kg

Tare Weight: 2480 Kg

Max Payload: 21520Kg

3) Opening

Door opening: width: 2340mm   height:2308mm

Cubic Capacity:33.5m3

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