Singamas Qingdao Factory Directly Produce and Sell 4.5m Offshore Basket

Singamas Qingdao Factory Directly Produce and Sell 4.5m Offshore Basket
Product Details



The container will be marked in accordance with ISO requirements, owner's specifications, and other regulatory authorities.


The decals are of a self adhesive type and are warranted for seven (7) years against normal wear and tear. All data plates will be stainless steel and secured by stainless steel blind rivets and sealed with sealant.

3. Plating and Stamping

3.1 Stamped the  manufacturer’s  serial number in 10mm(13/32”) high digits on the top face of the right hand lower rear corner fitting and the owner’s code & number in same high digits on the left hand rear corner fitting.

3.2 Chemically etched stainless steel plates (Consolidated data plate i.e. TIR, CSC, TCT) will be permanently riveted with stainless steel blind rivets and sealant will be applied around these plates.

1) Dimension

External: length: 4572mm   width: 2438mm  height: 1453mm

Internal: length: 4266mm   width: 2032mm  height: 1137.5mm

2) Weight

Max Gross Weight: 17,370Kg

Tare Weight: 2,370 Kg

Max Payload: 15,000Kg

3) Cubic Capacity:9.9m3

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