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Wide Use Of Side Open Container

Jun 28, 2017

   Container, English name container. Refers to a certain strength, stiffness and specifications for the use of large-scale loading containers. The use of container transhipment goods, can be directly in the consignor's warehouse loading, transport to the consignee's warehouse unloading, halfway to replace the car, ship, no need to remove the goods from the box facelift. So the container is a great invention.Side Open Container
   The biggest success of the container is the standardization of its products and the set of transportation systems. The ability to standardize a dozens of-ton behemoth, and to gradually achieve a global distribution system of ships, ports, routes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, and multimodal transport, is indeed one of the greatest miracles ever created by mankind.Side Open Container
   Container standardization has undergone a development process. ISO Iso tc104 Technical Committee since its inception in 1961, International standard containers, the international standard of the container has been supplemented, added and modified many times, the current international standards for the 1th Series A total of 13 species, its width is the same (2438mm), the length of four kinds (12192mm, 9125mm, 6058mm, 2991mm), the height of three kinds (2896mm, 2591mm, 2438mm). Such container standards are established by regional organizations in accordance with the special circumstances of the region, and such containers are only applicable to the region.    Containers constructed in accordance with container standards established by the European Union of International Railways (VIC).Side Open Container
    In addition, the world has a lot of non-standard containers. If the non-standard length container has us sea and land Company's 35ft container, the President Steamship Company's 45ft and 48ft container, the non-standard height container, mainly has the 9ft and 9.5ft two kinds of height container, non-standard width container 8.2ft width container, etc. As a result of economic benefits, the world's 20ft container total weight of more than 24ft, and generally welcomed. With the continuous take-off of China's economy, China's import and export trade is also more and more frequent, so that the use of containers in the market has been more widely used.Side Open Container