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Users Of Container Houses

Jul 25, 2017

             Overpopulation and constant migration have become the hallmarks of modern life, and the invasion of natural disasters has left many people homeless. In short, the traditional concept of housing has been outdated, which has stimulated people to think about their own living space. The use of containers to build a house is one of the new ideas, it is green environmental protection, time-saving, very flexible, relatively traditional housing can provide more choices for residents, individuals, families, and even a community can do.Container House

             In some Western countries, the case has actually been built, in the Netherlands, the container is used for students to build a 1000-room student apartment, which makes Amsterdam the world's largest container house city. This is a large-scale project involving the Dutch government, which started in 2006 to solve the problem of local college students ' housing difficulties. Such hostels not only look trendy, but also provide all the necessary facilities for the general hostel, the roof has rainwater harvesting drainage facilities, heat dispersion and isolation facilities are also available.Container House

             In the vicinity of the Phuket site, the migrant workers live in this container room. These houses are rented for construction workers, and a 18-square-metre container room can hold 5 iron beds, up to 10 people. In addition to living, the container room can also be used as offices, meeting rooms, and even the kitchen.Poor people in winter warm summer cool good accommodation

             Near he, a household in a container, a family of 3, to collect waste and work for a living. Two rooms to do the bedroom, there are also piled up sundry room, kitchen, toilet, it is next to build. They lived here for more than 10 years, before they were covered with tin, always as a violation of demolition, and finally they had to sign an agreement with the village committee, rented the land, and then spent more than 10,000 yuan to buy a container converted into a house.Container House