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The Main Composition Of The Open Top Container

May 31, 2017

Open top containers are also called open containers, open top cabinets. This kind of container is not rigid box top, but can be folded roof support canvas, plastic cloth or plastic cloth made of the roof, the use of tarpaulins covered with the top of the watertight requirements and dry containers, The top of the box loading and unloading cargo. Suitable for loading large volumes of large objects and heavy objects to be hoisted, such as glass plates.

Open top containers are used to load glass, steel, machinery and other heavy goods, you can use the crane from the top of the loading and unloading, open top box can be opened or no fixed surface of the container. Frame container is the bottom of the box and the surrounding metal frame composed of containers, suitable for growing up, overweight, light bulb cargo. Canned containers are containers made of box bottom and tank and surrounding frames, suitable for liquid cargo.

A hard open top container, including a box

(1), top cover

(2), and the top cover on the top cover

(3); the top cover is provided with forklift to open the top of the fork

(4); the top cover is located near the fork groove is provided with the roof lock linkage linkage structure

(5), through the forklift fork fork into the fork or exit the fork, to achieve the top lock automatically loose or locked. The hub structure includes a T-shaped member (51) for controlling the release of the top cover lock, an operating lever (52) for pushing the torsion driven by the fork, and a T-shaped member mounted on the top cover through the pivot shaft (53). The top cover lock includes a lock seat (31) fixed to the box, a lock (32) mounted on the top cover which can be inserted into the lock seat, a locking lever (33) for pulling the lock from the lock seat, The head is inserted into the lock spring (34). The top cover of the hard top container is provided with a hinge structure capable of realizing an automatic operation.