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The Inexorable Trend Of Container House Development

Sep 19, 2017

     Fire is a frequent occurrence of the current construction site, if you use the container activity room is a foam color plate, then you have to pay attention to fire. Please do not close to the wall of welding construction; winter heating stoves should be installed fire protection devices, the need for water treatment of the container house, strictly prohibit the use of a blowtorch in housing materials, the indoor wiring should be used when laying metal pipe, should be reliable grounding or the use of refractory pipe. Additional casing should be added to protect the wall.Container House

     Ground fixed color plate of the container activity room because of weight than the whole steel structure light, in the face of the 8-class gale, may be wind blows, there may be danger, experts suggest, in the use of color steel containers should be the same as the color of the building, there is a fixed bottom of the device. In the inland area is not serious, but in our coastal cities, often subjected to typhoons, container activity rooms must be fixed.

Prohibit three floors, we often see on the site, there are 3 floors of color plate room, but the color plate of the container activity room, because the texture is relatively light, really 3 of the container room superimposed together, there may be a lot of security risks.Container House

     Overpopulation and constant migration have become the hallmarks of modern life, and the invasion of natural disasters has left many people homeless. In short, the traditional concept of housing has been outdated, which has stimulated people to think about their own living space. The use of containers to build a house is one of the new ideas, it is green environmental protection, time-saving, very flexible, relatively traditional housing can provide more choices for residents, individuals, families, and even a community can do.Container House

     In some Western countries, the case has actually been built, in the Netherlands, the container is used for students to build a 1000-room student apartment, which makes Amsterdam the world's largest container house city. This is a large-scale project involving the Dutch government, which started in 2006 to solve the problem of local college students ' housing difficulties. Such hostels not only look trendy, but also provide all the necessary facilities for the general hostel, the roof has rainwater harvesting drainage facilities, heat dispersion and isolation facilities are also available.Container House