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The Development Of Container House

Jan 20, 2017

Container House where there is a great deal of development, more and more container House appear everywhere, as a quiet contribution to the construction of a power.

Container House quality durable, can withstand more pressure or shock, can be well preserved in the earthquake, good adaptation to regional conditions, providing comfortable and safe houses for the people.

Outside the container House in addition to better performance, you can also lease, and the rent is cheap, generally rents of the TEU as long as 6 Yuan each day, so people spend a small amount of rent can have a safe and comfortable housing. For current construction projects, due to the personnel Division clear and technical progress, General Engineering cycle between 1-2, project cycle makes buying a House is a bit of a waste, but people can rent a container House for temporary housing, makes more money, and not have to worry that after the end of treatment. These characteristics and project cycle the container House gradually caught on building sites, to provide construction workers with a safe and comfortable living environment.

With the gradual application of container House, container House have enjoyed great development, and in all sectors to test their skills.