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Technical Essentials Of Side Open Container

Jul 05, 2017

           In the container area, there is a special container which is called the side open container, it usually consists of a platform chassis, the roof of the pressure type bar, the opposite fixed end wall with the pressure type bar (or one end with the fixed end wall and the other end with the door), the Shan cloth, the top side beam, the grasping trough or the fork trough, the angle pillar, the angle fitting and so on are composed. Each corner column is positioned at Four corners of the platform chassis and is connected to the platform chassis by welding. Roof welding on the top side of the beam, the top side of the beam and the other members of the box together to maintain the rigidity of the box. The main feature of the side open container is that the cargo loading and unloading from the side of the box, with a larger operating position, easy to improve loading and unloading efficiency, especially for loading and unloading some of the longer cargo size.Side Open Container

           Side open container in order to enlarge the type of loading cargo and the convenience of loading and unloading cargo, there is no fixed support on the side of the box, usually the structural strength is poor, the box is prone to distort. At the same time, there are no separation measures in the existing side open container box, the goods are not positioned well during loading, and the goods are easily strung or collided. Existing side-open containers are provided with a side curtain, and the side curtain cord is surrounded by a number of rope ring holes, through the rope ring hole through the rope to tie the side curtain around the side of the rope hook, in order to achieve the purpose of the fixed side curtain. This side curtain operation trouble, the efficiency is low, the waterproof sex is poor.Side Open Container

            Provide a new type of side open container, with good structure strength, the box is not easy to distort the advantages of the same time with two of almost independent loading space, loading positioning accurate, save time, more can protect the goods, in the transport process, the goods will not be as in the ordinary container in the swing, reliable against the rigid wall, the goods will not be damaged and crashed.Side Open Container

            The purpose of the invention is a new type of side open container, which is realized by the following technical scheme, including a chassis platform, a corner column located at Four corners of the base platform, an end wall connected to the front corner pillar, a end wall connected to the rear corner pillar, and a box top supporting the corner column; the frame platform comprises a pair of bottom side beams arranged at two sides, a plurality of bottom beams connected to the bottom side beams and a floor laid on the bottom beam; The middle wall is located in the longitudinal centerline of the base platform, the lower part is connected with the frame platform, the top is connected with the upper of the box, and the front and rear parts are connected with the corresponding end wall respectively.Side Open Container