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Structure Analysis Of Container House

Nov 03, 2017

The movable room is based on the standard steel chassis and can derive a lot of combinatorial space. such as meeting rooms, dormitories, kitchens, toilets and so on. The standard width is 2.4 meters, the height is 2.2 meters, the length is 4 meters to 12 meters. Convenient disassembly, excellent performance, stable and strong, good shockproof performance, waterproof fire protection, light weight.Container House 

The House is the whole structure, inside has the frame, the wall is the steel plate, can use the plank veneer, may the whole migration, the service life may reach 20 years or more.Container House

The container is expensive, and a 20-foot box will cost more than $1800. If you need to open up the container line, the owner-owned boxes are often thousands of dollars, the need for a large number of funds to purchase containers, with a leasing company, only pay a little rent to rent the box can be.Container House 

Containers can be scattered material set together, materials need not be inverted, easy to mechanized loading and unloading and organization of water, land and air transport. Wartime can also be used as field housing, command post, medical clinics, bunkers and warehouses. Because of its rapid loading, unloading and transportation, the goods are not easy to be lost, damaged, and saved by manpower and expenses, many national armies are widely used.Container House

Container transport has become an important measure to improve the logistic supply of the troops, and some developed countries ' armies have been actively developing the various military containers suitable for the field conditions on the basis of making full use of the civilian containers, and some have begun to study the trial of container storage materials and the combination of storage and transportation. The PLA began to use container transport from the late 70, and developed a container for special cargoes.Container House

The types and specifications of military containers are basically the same as those of civilian containers. General cargo container and special cargo container two categories. The former is mostly a general-purpose container with wind and rain tightness, and a few are special containers, such as shelf-type containers, open-top containers and so on.Container House