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Storage Containers Operation Points

May 10, 2017

Storage Containers Keep the operation of the container

 (1) strict control of temperature, pressure. The pressure level of the storage vessel is directly related to the temperature, and in particular the pressure of the storage container of the liquefied gas medium is more pronounced with the temperature. Therefore, to control the pressure must control the temperature, especially in the high temperature season to pay attention to cooling.

 (2) strict control of liquid level. For containers containing liquid and liquefied gases, it is necessary to strictly control the liquid level, especially to prevent the storage of liquefied gas containers.

 (3) control the fire. Endanger the safety of production Common fire has fire, non-production fire, stove, drying device, chimney, flue, etc., these open fire should be strictly controlled to prevent accidents.

(4) control the spark. Since the medium in the storage container is a lot of flammable media, the ignition energy is very small, due to power, Storage Containers lighting or other electrical equipment generated by the spark may lead to combustion explosion. Therefore, in addition to electrical equipment and distribution lines should meet the safety requirements, the need to strengthen the electrical facilities inspection.

 (5) control the generation of static electricity. In addition to the process, material selection, equipment structure, management and other aspects of control, but also need to pay attention to check the ground, Storage Containers do a good job cleaning work, to prevent due to ash, scaling, stacking debris generated static electricity.

 (6) to prevent the leakage of containers and pipes.