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Storage Containers In The Industry

Sep 29, 2017

In the chemical industry, petroleum, oil refining, pharmaceutical and other industries, for storage materials and as heat exchangers, Tashun, reactor and other equipment shell. Generally by the shell, the end cap, flange, take over, bearing and other components. For the design and manufacture of containers, the first is to ensure that the safety requirements under the premise of a good structure. The specific requirements of its design are: less material consumption; easy to manufacture; operation, installation, maintenance, transportation convenience; other special requirements, such as fatigue, radiation and so on.Storage Containers

Pressure vessel is a multi-industry, multi-disciplinary integrated products, its construction technology involves metallurgy, machining, corrosion and corrosion, non-destructive testing, security and many other industries. Pressure vessels are widely used in chemical, petroleum, machinery, power, metallurgy, nuclear energy, aviation, aerospace, marine and other departments. It is the production process essential to the core equipment, is an important indicator of the level of national equipment manufacturing. Such as chemical production in the reaction device, heat exchanger, separation device shell, gas-liquid tanks, nuclear power reactor pressure shell, power plant boiler system, etc. are pressure vessels.Storage Containers

With the metallurgical, mechanical processing, welding and non-destructive testing and other technologies continue to progress, especially in computer technology as the representative of the rapid development of information technology, led the development of related industries in the world put a lot of manpower and resources for in-depth study On the basis of the pressure vessel technology has also made the corresponding progress.Storage Containers

Portable pressure vessels: not only under pressure to withstand internal pressure or external pressure, the handling process will be due to the internal media caused by the impact of rocking, as well as the transport process to bring the external impact and vibration load, and therefore in the structure, use and safety Aspects have their own special requirements.Storage Containers