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Standard Shipping Container Development Stage And Superiority

Jun 02, 2017

   Container transport into the mature stage of the main features in the following two aspects:

(1) hardware and software sets of technology tends to improve. Trunk full container ship to fully automated, large-scale development, there have been 2500 ~ 4000TEU third and fourth generation container ship. Some large shipping companies have used large ships to organize global routes. In order to meet the needs of large-scale ship berthing and loading and unloading operations, the port is large and high speed. Automated loading and unloading bridge has also been further developed. In order to make the container from the port to the inland extension, some advanced countries on the inland set of the road, rail and transit stations and vehicles, ships carried out a large number of supporting construction. In the aspect of transportation management, with the deepening of international regulations and the gradual formation of international management, the modernization of management methods and the modernization of management methods have been realized.

    Some advanced countries have been limited to the development of port management for the port and the relevant departments of the network of integrated information management, some large companies have been able to through the communications satellite in the world to carry out follow-up management of the container. Advanced countries, container transport technology for the development of multimodal transport laid a good foundation.Standard Shipping Container

(2) began to enter the multimodal transport and "door to door" transport phase. To achieve a variety of modes of transport is a joint transport of modern transport development direction, container transport in this area has a unique advantage. Advanced countries due to the establishment and improvement of the container integrated transport system, so that container transport breakthroughs in the traditional mode of transport "port to Hong Kong" concept, the comprehensive utilization of the advantages of various modes of transport for the owner to provide "door to door" of high-quality transport services , So that the advantages of container transport to be fully exploited.Standard Shipping Container

   "Door to door" transport is a complex international integrated transport system engineering, advanced countries in order to develop container transport, as a specialized discipline, cultivate a large number of container transport senior management personnel, business personnel and operators, so that container transport in Theory and practice have been gradually improved

1, to ensure the safety of goods transport. Container transport greatly reduces the traditional means of transport in the loading and unloading, handling the number of times, which can avoid man-made and natural factors caused by damage to goods, wet loss, loss and other cargo accidents, reduce economic losses.Standard Shipping Container

2, save the goods packaging materials. The use of container transport, can simplify or not transport packaging, save packaging materials and costs, reduce the cost of goods.

3, to simplify the freight operations procedures. After the container is transported by container, the container is used as the transport unit of the goods, which reduces the complicated operation and simplifies the operation of the cargo.

4, to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading operations. As the container loading and unloading operations suitable for mechanization, the loading and unloading operation efficiency has been greatly improved. At the same time, greatly shorten the container station (port) of the residence time, speed up the turnover of the car and the delivery of goods.

5, reduce operating costs, reduce transportation costs. Cargo damage, cargo greatly reduced, the goods insurance costs also decreased; to carry out the "door to door" transport business, can save a lot of warehouse construction costs and warehouse operations costs.

6, easy to automate management. The container is a standardized cargo transport unit, which creates a convenient condition for automated management.