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Standard Shipping Container Charge Recognition Rules

May 10, 2017

Standard Shipping Container What is the main content of this container vehicle expressway toll collection policy adjustment?

Reduced charges. Legally loaded international standard container vehicles into and out of the designated toll station, the charging standard is further reduced by the principle of decreasing.

Clear the international standard container charging recognition rules.

Standard Shipping Container Established a violation handling mechanism. Clearly on the total quality of goods over 10% (excluding 10%) of the container vehicles in accordance with the weight of ordinary trucks charge; illegal vehicles on the implementation of the blacklist system.

After the policy adjustment to enjoy the reduction of the standard container vehicles must meet the conditions at the same time?

Transport 20, 40 or 45 feet international standard containers;

Access to the designated 10 toll stations;

Legally loaded.

What is the specific content of the international standard container charging recognition rules?

International standard container transport vehicles, refers to the transport of international standard containers of special vehicles.

Standard Shipping Container Standard Shipping Container The tariff policy refers to the international standard container, refers to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to develop the standard standard 20,40,45 feet container.

(GB / T14132008 / ISO668: 1995), "Container Code, Identification and Marking" (GB / T1836-1997, idt ISO6346: 1995), etc., are the standard for international standard containers: "Series 1 container classification, dimensions and rated quality (GB / T14132008 / ISO668: 1995) The

This charge policy adjustment after entering and leaving the designated toll station charges is what?

① the legal loading of the container vehicles into and out of the designated toll stations, car kilometers rates according to different distances in accordance with the principle of decreasing the rate of return, Standard Shipping Container respectively, according to the province's basic rate of 70%, 60%, 50% of the implementation of the original policy: , Regardless of the length of the transport by 70% of the implementation).

The international standard container vehicles for overrun transportation shall be charged on a regular basis

① the total quality of the vehicle over 10% of the total (excluding) of the container vehicles by ordinary truck weighting charges. The rate standard with reference to "on the province's expressway truck weight charging rate of the pilot program notice" (Zhejiang Jia [2010] No. 88) implementation.

(2) The standard of tonnage for the legal loading of the vehicle is currently set at the time of the supervision of the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Public Security, Standard Shipping Container the National Development and Reform Commission, the Notice on Further Strengthening the Overload and Concentration of Vehicles The

③ For example: a five-axle car overrun transport a 40-foot box from Hangzhou-Hangzhou Expressway Hangzhou North toll station to Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Expressway Beilun toll station.

The establishment of container vehicle credit files, overrun transport, fake international standard container vehicles and other illegal vehicles, the implementation of blacklist system. Within a year found and verified with a container vehicle overrun transport or transport counterfeit international standard containers up to twice, Standard Shipping Container the car included in the blacklist. Blacklisted container vehicles are included in the year, according to the weight of ordinary trucks. Not for ETC, within a year shall not apply for ETC; has been for ETC, to stop their use of ETC for one year.