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Standard For Material Manufacturing Of Side Open Container

Sep 09, 2017

     There are dry goods containers (DRY CONTAINER), Bulk cargo containers (BULK CONTAINER), liquid cargo containers, reefer containers, and some special-purpose containers, such as automotive containers, pastoralists containers, hides containers. Grocery containers are the most common containers, mainly used for the transport of general groceries, suitable for a variety of goods do not need to adjust the temperature of the use of containers, generally known as universal containers. Bulk cargo containers are containers for the loading of powder, granular goods and other bulk cargoes. A liquid cargo container is a container for carrying liquid goods. Refrigerated container is a kind of container with refrigeration equipment and low heat conduction rate in the inner wall, which is used to load frozen, heat preservation and fresh-keeping goods.Side Open Container
     A car container is a container specially designed to ship a car and can be divided into two tiers of loading. The Livestock container (PEN CONTAINER) is a container specially designed for the shipment of live livestock, with ventilation, feeding and faecal-removal devices. Hides the container is a kind of specially designed to carry the raw hides and so on the leakage nature the cargo, has the double bottom, may store the leaking liquid the container.Side Open Container
     Manufacturing material refers to the main parts of the container (side wall, end wall, box top, etc.) material, can be divided into three kinds: steel boxed, aluminum containers, FRP containers, in addition to wooden containers, stainless steel containers. Among them: Special containers, steel containers, with steel, the strength is strong, structure, high weldability, good water tightness, low price; Side Open Container
    The disadvantage is the heavy weight, poor corrosion resistance; aluminum alloy containers, aluminum alloy materials, the advantages are light weight, appearance, anti-corrosion, good elasticity, processing convenience and processing costs, repair costs low, Long service life; The disadvantage is high cost, poor welding performance, FRP containers, with FRP materials, the advantages of strong, rigid, large content, heat insulation, anti-corrosion, good chemical resistance, easy to clean, easy to repair, the disadvantage is the weight of large, easy to aging, screw bolts at lower strength Side Open Container