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Several Factors Affecting Storage Containers

Aug 23, 2017

     Long-time use or use of gas storage tanks will inevitably cause rain, air, or humid atmospheric corrosion, which is caused by the atmosphere of water, oxygen, acidic pollutants such as the role of corrosion. It is one of the most common atmospheric corrosion phenomena that steel rusts under the condition of atmospheric natural environment.Storage Containers
    Dry atmospheric corrosion. At this time the atmosphere is basically no water vapor, ordinary metal at room temperature to form an invisible oxide film. The surface of the steel remains shiny. Damp atmospheric corrosion. Refers to the corrosion of metals that occur under the invisible film layer of the naked eye. At this time, there is water vapor in the atmosphere, when the moisture concentration reached critical humidity (iron critical humidity of 65%, the critical humidity of copper is close to 100%), the metal surface has a thin layer of film layer in, will occur even corrosion. Storage Containers
   If there are pollutants in the atmosphere CO2, $literal, SO2 and so on, corrosion significantly accelerated, atmospheric conditions of steel corrosion, in fact, under the water membrane conditions of electrochemical corrosion. The corrosion of the gas storage tank under the liquid film condition is visible. The relative humidity in the air is about 100% or the corrosion in the rain and other aqueous solutions. At this time, the water on the metal surface to form droplets aggregation, there are visible water film.Storage Containers
    Influence factors of atmospheric corrosion: water. In the atmosphere of the corrosion of steel in the material, water is the main factor (generally speaking, the greater the humidity, the stronger the corrosion), its corrosion principle is as follows: A, water is an electrolyte, but also can dissolve a large number of ions, resulting in metal corrosion. b, water can dissociate into H, OH, the ph value of the metal, oxides of dissolved corrosion has a significant impact.Storage Containers
    SO2 influence. In areas polluted by industrial waste gas, SO2 has the most serious impact on steel corrosion. With oil, natural gas and coal as fuel, the waste gas contains a lot of SO2, and the corrosion rate of steel plate increases with the increase of SO2 content in the atmosphere. Storage Containers
   Oceanic atmospheric effects. In the atmosphere near the ocean, contains a certain amount of salt, its main ingredient is NaCl, CL has a strong erosion, so it can aggravate corrosion, farther away from the sea, the less salt in the atmosphere, the smaller the corrosion. Other effects. In the atmospheric environment of petroleum production, it may contain a lot of Cl2, NH3, $literal solid dust grains and other harmful substances, and their corrosion to the gas storage tank steel is also increased with increasing content. The synergistic effect of several substances will lead to the aggravation of steel corrosion.Storage Containers