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Safety Measures For Operation Of Equipment Containers

Jul 25, 2017

            In the equipment container inside the wall and the bottom is not easy to clean the residue in the possibility to resolve the combustible gas, the equipment container lighting should be used explosion-proof low-voltage safety lamps, and the use of copper-beryllium alloy and other tools do not spark, in order to prevent sparks or tool impact spark caused by fire, explosion The working staff shall not wear chemical fiber fabrics in case of static sparks causing ignition and explosion.Equipment Containers

            After repeated cleaning and replacement of equipment containers, the analysis still fails to reach the qualified standard, but must be entered into the equipment container operation, at this time, the corresponding safety precautions must be taken. If the equipment in the container for the anoxic environment, that is, the oxygen content in the air is less than 18%, or the equipment container in the air of poisonous and harmful gases more than the industrial health permitted concentration, the operator should wear the isolation of positive pressure gas masks.

           If you need to paint in the equipment container on the wall with volatile solvents or coatings, in addition to take reliable ventilation measures, but also to increase the frequency of gas analysis, operating staff should be based on the actual situation, wearing a filter or isolation type gas masks.

           If some units are the solution liquid surface of the monitoring equipment container, in the case of installation of a radioactive device outside the equipment container, the operator must remove the radioactive device to a safe place before entering the equipment container, or the radioactive device shall be effectively screened for isolation to ensure that the operating staff in the equipment container are not damaged by the rays.Equipment Containers

            At the end of the job, the work staff shall carry all items such as the work equipment with them out of the container, and shall not be left in the equipment container, such as the next time the operation of the equipment in the container to be brought in again.Equipment Containers