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Relevant Characteristics Of Half Height Container

Jun 15, 2017

    General reinforcement methods are: 1, the bottom of the goods around the bottom of the triangle and pinned with steel nails. 2, with the reinforcement and pull the ring to fix the goods. 3, with steel wire rope and pull the ring to fix the goods. 4, groceries semi-high container recommended to buy like large items of goods to bind the special cabinet cargo users are also concerned about the car, can be carried on the ship banding, reinforcement.Half Height Container  All operations are in accordance with international maritime standards. Should be customer needs. Semi-high container: semi-high container, English name container. Refers to a certain strength, stiffness and specifications for the use of large-scale loading containers. The use of semi-high container transport of goods, can be directly in the consignor's warehouse loading, shipped to the consignee's warehouse unloading, half-way replacement car, the ship, no need to remove the goods from the box. So the semi-high container is a great invention. The biggest success of the semi-high container is the standardization of its products and the resulting set of transport systems. Can be a load of tens of tons of monsters to achieve standardization, and as a basis for the gradual realization of the global scope of ships, ports, routes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, multimodal transport matching logistics system, One of the great miracles that man has ever created.Half Height Container  Semi-high container as a standard means of transport, on its weight limit, first of all it is the weight of the box itself, each half of the container in its box will clearly indicate the maximum weight: MAX WEIGHT XXXXKGS, Weighted TARE WEIGHT: ZZZZ KGS, the former by the latter, that is, the maximum load of the semi-high container weight, some semi-high container door will be directly to PAYLOAD: SSSSKGS marked this weight. This is the maximum strength of the semi-high container box can withstand, loading more than this limit, may occur box deformation, the floor off, the top beam bending and other damage, the resulting loss will be borne by all the loaders. At present, most of the professional semi-high container terminals are equipped with automatic weighbridge, so long as the semi-high container loading beyond the box limit, the terminal is refused to cover the cabinet.Half Height Container