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Prospect Forecast

Jan 20, 2017

2011 container market growth overall does not change steadily on the rise in the volume of container relatively stable market supply and demand, but there is still excess capacity pressures, not the supply and demand situation is better than in 2010. Problem is not primarily the demand side of the shipping industry. 2011 global trade is expected to continue to recover, demand for container transport market will further grow, probably about 8%. However, because of the slow economic recovery overall, while countries phasing out economic stimulus measures in the future, estimated 2011 market growth in the volume of small fluctuations might occur, but do not change the overall upward momentum steadily. 

In the global shipping market, China and India as the representative of the emerging markets in the global container shipping patterns will continue to rise, the Middle East, Latin America and other emerging markets share of the container throughput in the world container shipping market on the rise, while the United States and eurozone consumption in developed economies is likely to remain weak, anemic economic growth. Capacity is of common concern. For quite a long period of time, oversupply of shipping market pressure will persist. As of early September 2010, oil tankers, freighters and container ships orders respectively per cent of the existing fleet of up to 28.5%, 54.5% and 24.9%, and with the markets pick up, some companies to restart the shipbuilding plan, new ship orders increased rapidly. In the current situation, China's container industry investment potential? What are the investment opportunities?