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Pressure Equipment Container

Aug 09, 2017

                 The pressure vessel is the common equipment in the industrial production, the traditional quotation method relies on the experience to estimate the efficiency low and the accuracy rate of the pressure vessel enterprise Tender offer is not high, in particular, with the increasing competition in the pressure vessel industry, the traditional quotation has not been able to meet the needs of enterprise bidding, therefore, the pressure vessel equipment quotation methods and systems related research has been more and more of the pressure vessel manufacturing industry attention.Equipment Containers

                  This paper sums up the characteristics of the quotation of pressure vessel equipment and the present situation of the product quotation system, and based on the demand and process of the quotation of a pressure vessel manufacturing enterprise, it mainly analyzes and models the material cost, processing cost and parts classification of the pressure vessel equipment. This paper presents a comprehensive quotation method for pressure vessel equipment, which is based on the cost calculation method of equipment materials and the method of estimating machining cost based on the BP Neural Network algorithm, and finally, based on Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008, developed a pressure vessel equipment quotation system and applied in the enterprise.Equipment Containers

                The main contents of this paper are as follows: 1. Based on the analysis of pressure vessel quotation and quotation, a quotation model of pressure vessel is established, which can be used to estimate material cost and processing cost. 2. The classification of BOM is introduced and the quotation BOM is constructed. Based on the quotation BOM and parts classification, the method of calculating the material ration of parts is proposed based on the similarity of the parts. 3. Based on artificial neural network and BP Neural network model, the BP network structure and parameter model for pressure vessel machining cost estimation is established, and the processing cost estimation method is given. 4. The requirements of the pressure vessel quotation system are analyzed in detail, including the system function model and working flow, the overall structure and database structure of the system are established, and a set of quotation system of pressure vessel equipment based on C/s architecture is developed.Equipment Containers