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Personalized Demand Of Half Height Container

Oct 16, 2017

In order to meet the personalized needs of users, recently, TISCO has successfully developed a hot-rolled container plate waterproof packaging scheme and High-strength container board. At present, China is the world's largest container producer, container production accounted for more than 90% of the global total production, but in the container manufacturing industry is increasingly fierce competition, improve container strength, reduce steel consumption, reduce costs, is becoming a container factory to enhance its competitiveness of one of the important measures. After the depth of the user's potential needs, starting from September this year to fully launch the High-strength container Board development work, and during the national Day of a rolling success.Half Height Container

One of the hot rolled coils, mainly used in container manufacturing 1.6-6mm Hot-rolled sheet, with good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of the anisotropy, steel mainly for weathering steels, including 09CuPCrNi, Q345GNHL, Narrowband, sm490a, SS400, SS490 and other grades, is to add a small amount of alloying elements in steel, such as copper, phosphorus, chromium, nickel, etc., so that the metal matrix surface to form a protective layer to improve the durability of steel.Half Height Container Container Board general product size accuracy, thickness of the same plate, good shape, to adapt to the overall size of the container processing requirements of the material characteristics of strict. Narrowband steel contains a certain amount of CR and NI, with strong atmospheric and seawater corrosion resistance, especially to the container open air transport, storage of environmental conditions, is the production of marine containers ideal material.Half Height Container

The plate shape and surface quality requirements for the manufacture of containers are as follows: The surface shall not have cracks, bubbles, scars, folds, scratches, oil, rust and other defects, such as the individual minor defects, allow the removal, but the depth can not exceed the negative tolerance of the half; steel plate can not have any internal layering, the edge is not allowed to have waves, Rod thickness difference is less than 50% of the tolerance, the quality of welding, the shape of the plate must not have any creases, scoop, wave and indentation and other quality problems.Half Height Container