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Performance Characteristics Of The Container House

Aug 23, 2017

      The container house, also called the container housing, the container activity room, the container house, refers to the container as the basic material slightly reformed and becomes the House with the window door. This type of container house is common in the construction site as a worker's dormitory use, others as rental housing use, sturdiness and durability, easy to build. As a result, the container house is also called a living container.Container House
     In foreign countries, the idea of container house has already been widely used, a container can be transformed into a warm house with windows and doors. In some places, will this kind of container be the savior of migrant workers, the grassroots, and even impoverished college students? Yesterday, the reporter visited this.
Container: After the general decoration covers an area of about 13 square meters, each container of 12,000 yuan, nearly 900 yuan per square metre. Commercial housing:     At present, Shenzhen floor price average about 20,000 yuan per square meter, with the container ratio is too large. Location containers: Only in the suburbs and other desolate places, but the container has a strong liquidity, change places can not change the house. Commercial housing: In accordance with their own wishes, the city center, the suburbs can choose. But once you buy it, it's hard to replace it. Safe containers: containers, usually only in remote areas to be placed in place, living more decentralized, low safety factor. Commercial housing: A community there are hundreds of or even thousands of households, usually have the property control patrol, High security. Appearance: Container: Very personalized, can be based on their preferences arbitrary painting, can do very alternative. When you don't like it, you can repaint it. Commercial housing: The appearance can only be designed by the developer, cannot change itself.Container House
    Because the resident containers are not permitted by the government, they would like to live in a remote suburb, or under the overpass, or even under construction sites. Mr. Chen told reporters that individuals who occasionally rented containers were the ones who opened small grocery stores and small shops on the roadside, with little or no room for their own. As the most commonly used equipment in modern transportation industry, integrated house has been used more and more by people, and its use of environmental protection materials and the application of energy-saving technology make the integrated house a representative building of green architecture. will also be the future of housing development direction. So how do we choose the best integrated House?Container House
    Recommended choice of steel structure housing. Integrated housing in the market broadly divided into two kinds: one is the cabin, the other is the steel structure house. Although the wooden house is "green building" in some sense, its timber determines that it wastes a lot of forest resources, and the two flaws, such as mildew and moth-eaten, can hardly be avoided. Compared with other construction, the steel structure has advantages in the use, design, construction and comprehensive economy, which is low in cost and can be moved at any time. Its thermal insulation performance, high seismic resistance, but also to reduce the energy consumption of 50%, and do not worry about mildew and moth-eaten problems.Container House