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Pallet Wide Containers Products Meet Customer Needs

May 15, 2017

The main goal of the development of plastic pallets is to reduce the customer response time, reduce production costs at the same time, the maximum extent to meet customer needs. In the entire supply chain, the lower production complexity of the product allows enterprises to use economies of scale to achieve cost advantages, and in the enterprise according to the diverse needs of customers to customize the production.

 Plastic pallets can reduce the cost of uncertainty and reduce the risk of market uncertainty. Modular supply chain product production complexity and high production costs, the main goal is to improve the customization of products and services based on the ability to reduce costs. In general, plastic pallets enterprises through the outsourcing and other forms of procurement of parts, through the assembly combination of standardized finished products, but the finished product specifications are limited, so the custom level is relatively low. Flexible supply chain products, the complexity of production and production costs are high, the product from the design stage to meet the needs of customers, the main goal is to reduce costs at the same time, improve customer response speed, to maximize the demand to meet customization. Plastic pallet manufacturers will be different parts of the procurement of spare parts, and finally according to the special needs of customers parts design, production and assembly. Production mode and supply chain matching model Enterprises should choose the appropriate production mode and supply chain type according to cost and customization level Low cost and high efficiency to meet the diversified needs of customers. The production patterns and supply chain types are described in detail, followed by a combination of rigid supply chains. When the Pallet Wide Containers product is used in the production mode, the customer customization level and cost are very low, so it is suitable for rigid supply chain. Rigid operation strategy products are a large class of very low complexity of the standardization of products, cost and delivery time is the product delivery process of the key factors, which requires the production of plastic pallets and storage of a large number of standardized products. And a modular supply chain.

  When the Pallet Wide Containers products used in the production mode, the custom level is low, the cost is higher, so it is suitable for modular supply chain. Although the color and size can be adjusted according to the customer's needs, but the parts have different production cycle, the production cost is higher. In the modularization of plastic pallets, companies combine different standardized modules into a limited variety of products to meet customer needs.