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Open Top Containers To Take You To The Road Of Chinese Container Development

Jun 28, 2017

   China's container transport development is rapid, container transport first appeared in the United States, in the late 60 spread to all parts of the world. In recent years, China's container transport has also developed rapidly, has been in Dalian, Tian Law, Qingdao, Shanghai, Guangzhou Huangpu Port, such as the establishment of container terminals, improve the port throughput capacity and modernization of construction.Open Top Containers
   Container transport is a special cargo container (generally a piece of groceries container), through the sea, river, railway, road and other transport methods of door-to-door a joint transport. is a strong foundation of material equipment, advanced technology of modern transport type. It in loading and unloading, transport and transit all the process of mechanization, standardization, serialization and specialization. Container transport was first established in 1926 between the European highway and the railway, and later developed into a port-sea-centric international container transport. It has been one of the fastest growing and more extensive forms of transportation in the world. In order to ensure the safety of goods, saving packaging materials, simplifying packaging and handling procedures, improve transport efficiency, speed up the transport of goods, reduce transport costs and improve the transport conditions, and so on, have an important role and obvious effect.Open Top Containers
   Container size definition: The size of the container (container ' s internal dimensions) refers to the maximum length, width and height of the container inside. The height is the bottom of the plate surface to the bottom of the box roof, the width of the distance between the two inner liner, the length of the inner plate of the box door to the end of the inner lining of the distance. It determines the maximum size of the container and the volume of the cargo in the box. The four major container standards, container standards according to the scope of use, there are international standards, national standards, regional standard and company standard four kinds.
International standard containers refer to international standard containers constructed and used in accordance with international standards established by the 104th Technical Committee of the Organization for Standardization (ISO). Container standardization has undergone a development process. Since its establishment in 1961, the ISO Iso tc104 Technical Committee The International standard of the container has been supplemented, added and modified many times, the current international standards for the 1th Series A total of 13 species, its width is the same (2438mm), four kinds of length (12192mm, 9125mm, 6058mm, 2991mm), the height of four kinds (2896mm, 2591mm, 2438mm, 2438mm). See table for details. 2nd and 3rd series are downgraded to technical reports.Open Top Containers