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Open Top Containers

Jul 05, 2017

           Open top container also known as open top container, open the top cabinet. This container does not have a rigid box top, but has a folding top beam support canvas, plastic sheeting or coated cloth made of the top, the ship with a waterproof cloth cover the top, the water tightness requirements and dry box, can be used as cranes from the top of the box loading and unloading cargo. Suitable for loading large bulky objects and lifting heavy weights, such as glass panels.Open Top Containers

           Open-top container is used to load glass, steel products, machinery and other heavy goods, you can use the crane from the top of the loading and unloading, open top top can open or no fixed-surface container. The frame container is a container which is made up of the bottom surface and the surrounding metal frame, which is suitable for growing up, overweight and light bubble goods. Canned containers are containers consisting of the bottom surface and the tank body and the surrounding frame, and are suitable for liquid cargo.Open Top Containers

          A kind of open top container, the opening container is an open top container with a longitudinal length greater than 40 ft, and the container is provided with a frame structure, and the top structure of the frame structure includes: Left and right corner columns, left and right corners, and left and right short top beams; the right top beam and the water tray which can be drained from the outer side of the box; the left and right corner columns are respectively connected to the left and right sides of the container. Connected to the top of the left and right corner columns respectively, the end of the left and right short top beam is connected with the left and right corners, the left and The opposite end of the right top beam is hinged with the other end of the left and right short top beam, and the other end of the left and right top beam can be connected with each other, and the water tray is connected to the upper part of the corner and the short top beam.Open Top Containers