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Offshore Containers Take You Through The Shipping Charges

Sep 19, 2017

     From the advantages of container shipping companies, such as shipping freight as the equivalent of transport, then, container ships can charge higher than ordinary shipping freight. However, from the current fees and charges, in addition to the special provisions, is still basically according to the freight tonnage of goods transported by the rate charged, this is the general cargo freight charges and the basic method of collecting the same. At present, the freight charge of container freight is mainly based on two kinds of tariffs, one is the liner guild price, the other is the shipping company's tariff.Offshore Containers

     The depot service charge is also called Terminal Service charge, including FCL cargo receiving export at the loading dock yard, and the cost of stockpiling and transporting to the loading and unloading bridge. Similarly, the cost of receiving an import case from a loading and unloading bridge, and transporting the boxes to the depot and stockpiling is also included in the relevant costs of the port of loading and unloading. Yard service charges are generally charged to the consignor and consignee respectively.Offshore Containers

    The distributed transportation is also called feeder transportation (feeder service), which is the container transportation between the Inland river, the coastal port and the container export port. Under normal circumstances, the container in the port of shipment, can issue a container transport bill of lading, the carrier for this distribution of fees and charges said the distribution of transportation costs.Offshore Containers

    There are two cases of inland transportation costs, one for which the carrier is responsible for transport and the other for the shipper's own transport. If the carrier is responsible for inland transportation, the cost is determined by the carrier's tariff and the provisions of the bill of lading.Offshore Containers