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Mini Containers How To Choose And Buy?

May 15, 2017

Mini Containers When choosing mini containers, the use of mini containers must be based on the choice, different kinds of mini container volume and function are different, so choose the suitable mini container, need to apply with practice, especially to consider the capacity of mini container, to prevent excessive load, mini container chassis damage, then, in the purchase of mini containers, what attention to the problem?

Mini Containers The first attention to whether internal and external to the breach or deformation, etc.

In the purchase of mini containers, must pay attention to its internal and external to whether there is a breach or deformation, if this is the case, it proves that the mini container is made of second-hand mini container renovation, not suitable for purchase, because its quality and the new Mini container differ greatly, the advanced mini container inside and exterior cabinet is flat, no break or distortion.

Mini Containers Second note whether the case of leakage light leak phenomenon

To choose the functional mini containers also pay attention to, see the mini container box is not leaking or light leak phenomenon, for the equipment, need to have good sealing, because the mini container is only for the storage of equipment, also used for equipment transport, if there are cracks, may cause equipment corrosion, affect the use.

Mini Containers Third notice whether the box doors open coherence

Box doors are one of the important parts of the mini container, can also be judged by the box door to the quality of the mini container, the industry-leading mini container box doors open coherent, and can be repeated continuously open, but the poor quality of the mini container opened a relatively dull, poor consistency.

Mini Containers Fourth notice whether the accessory reinforcement is intact

Buy mini containers should also look at its accessory is not intact, reinforcement is not the requirement, if the quality of the mini container is high, then the attachment should be intact, different types of mini container accessories, but all should pay attention to its reinforcement.

Mini Containers The above is the purchase of mini containers, in addition to the attention, but also see the mini container floor is not rust traces, whether there is corrosive chemical residues, if there is this situation, it is inappropriate to buy, because generally, under the chemical corrosion of the mini containers will gradually increase the area, such as for some special industries, the equipment may pose a security hazard.