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Loading And Unloading Of Standard Shipping Container

Oct 25, 2017

When using a bulk shipping method, because the goods are not easy to protect in the process of transportation and custody, although some measures may also be taken, but the cargo damage condition is still more serious, especially in the case of many transportation links and complex varieties, the intermediate transshipment of the goods is inverted, so that the mixed tickets and the stolen accidents occur frequently.Standard Shipping Container 

The use of container transport methods, because of the use of high strength, better water tightness of the box to protect the goods, so the goods in handling, handling and storage process is not easy to damage, not afraid of damp, the possibility of loss of goods in the way greatly reduced, the good rate of goods greatly improved.Standard Shipping Container

Containerization to port and yard cargo loading and unloading, stacking of mechanization and automation created conditions, standardized cargo units to make loading and unloading movements become simple and regular, therefore, in the process of operation can fully play the capacity of loading and unloading machinery and equipment, facilitate the realization of automatic control of the operation process. Mechanization and automation can greatly shorten the travel time and speed up the delivery of goods. On the other hand, because the container transportation way reduces the transportation transit link, the cargo handover formalities is simple, enhances the transportation service quality.Standard Shipping Container

Save the cost of shipping, because of the use of unified cargo units, so that the efficiency of the installation facilities greatly improved, thus reducing the cost of handling. At the same time, the use of container, the safety of cargo transport has obviously improved, so that the cost of insurance has declined. With the use of containers as a large-scale standardized transport equipment, the further standardization of commodity packaging has been promoted. At present, China's packaging standards are close to 400, most of these standards adopt or refer to international standards, and many packaging standards and container standards to adapt.Standard Shipping Container