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Loading And Unloading Mode Of Flat Rack Containers

Oct 25, 2017

Before container cargo is boxed, suitable containers should be selected according to the type, nature, shape, packing, weight, volume and related transportation requirements of the goods.Flat rack Containers 

Usually, grocery containers, the ventilated container is suitable for the general grocery transportation, the open top container, the rack type container, the platform container are suitable for the important cargo transportation, the refrigerated container, the ventilated container is suitable for the refrigerated, the refrigerated cargo transportation; The tank container is suitable for the bulk liquid cargo transportation; animal containers, ventilation containers The transport of plants; In addition, the grocery containers can be used to ship valuable goods and dangerous goods.Flat rack Containers

Container gantry Crane: for container terminals. The towing trailer transports the container carrying bridge from the ship to the yard or rear, which can expedite the turnover of the container carrying bridge or other crane by loading the container gantry crane yard or carrying it directly. Can be stacked high $number layer, wide 6 rows of container yard, generally used tires, but also useful rail-type. Compared with container straddle truck, container Gantry crane has a large span and high height on both sides of the door frame. In order to meet the transport needs of port terminals, this crane has a higher level of work. The lifting speed is $number m/min; the span is determined according to the number of containers that need to be spanned, the maximum of 60 meters is about 20 tonnes, 25 tonnes and 30 tonnes respectively, corresponding to 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft long containers.Flat rack Containers

The operating mechanism of the carrying bridge is only used to adjust the working position and is not a working organization. When the span is large, the bridge frame of the carrying bridge is supported on a rigid support leg and a flexible leg. The bridge and two legs can be connected by bolts; The connection with the flexible leg can also be through the ball hinge or the column hinge, so that the flexible leg can be relative to the bridge frame with a certain range of deflection. The bridge is composed of a truss beam, and the crane is running on the track of its winding rod or chord rod. Some cars have a slewing arm, the equivalent of a gantry crane running on the jib.Flat rack Containers