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Living Object Of Container House

Jul 05, 2017

             The container house, also called the container housing, the container activity room, the container house, refers to the container as the basic material slightly reformed and becomes the House with the window door. This type of container house is common in the construction site as a worker's dormitory use, others as rental housing use, sturdiness and durability, easy to build. As a result, the container house is also called a living container.Container House

            Temporary residence of migrant workers: in the vicinity of Phuket, migrant workers live in this container room. Site Security told reporters, these houses are rented, to the construction workers living, a 18 square meters of container room, can put 5 iron bed, up to 10 people. In addition to living, the container room can also be used as offices, meeting rooms, and even the kitchen.

Poor people's winter warm summer cool good accommodation: in the vicinity of he, the reporter saw a family dwelling in the container, a 3-mouth, to collect waste and work to earn a living. Two rooms to do the bedroom, there are also piled up sundry room, kitchen, toilet, it is next to build. According to the master's aunt, they lived here for more than 10 years, before they are covered by the metal room, always as a violation of demolition, and finally they had to sign agreement with the village, rented the land, and then spent more than 10,000 yuan to buy a container converted into a house. Aunt Yu said: "We covered a layer of wood, a layer of metal, live here in winter warm summer cool, very comfortable." Container House

             Recently, there are a articles on the Internet reprint very "Fire", the text said that located in Shenzhen, the entrance of a high-speed road in the woods found a container "dwelling family." Reporter March 17, 2010 According to the text said, find the old king living here. Lao Wang told reporters, the container is spent 10,000 yuan to buy, the land is rented. Choose to live in containers, old Wang fancy two characteristics: safe, convenient, and, in case one day want to change a place to do business, at any time can move. At present, Lao Wang and his wife and children live in containers.Container House