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Introduction Of Half Height Container Opening

Sep 29, 2017

The container is a transport equipment; has sufficient strength to be used for a long time; it is specially designed for easy delivery of goods and is transported in one or more modes of transport without the need for midway dressing; devices with quick handling and handling , Especially from a mode of transport to another mode of transport; design note to facilitate the goods filled or unloading; the volume of 1 cubic meter or 1 cubic meter or more. Half Height Container

There are a wide variety of containers for transporting cargo, ranging from small folding containers for the transport of household items to 40-foot standard containers, as well as aviation containers. It only describes the types of international freight containers that are common in maritime transport.Half Height Container

The container is usually closed and has a door at one or both sides. This container is usually used to transport stationery, chemical supplies, electronic machinery, handicrafts, medicine, daily necessities, textiles and equipment parts. This is usually the most commonly used container. Various types of solid bulk, particulate or powdery cargoes that are not affected by temperature changes can be shipped from such containers. At present the international use of refrigerated containers are basically divided into two kinds: one is a container with a freezer called mechanical refrigerated containers; another box without a freezer and only insulation structure, that is, in the container wall There are air intake and outlet holes, boxes installed in the cabin, by the ship's refrigeration equipment to provide air-conditioning, this is called clutch refrigerated containers (also known as external or clamp-type refrigerated containers).Half Height Container

Bulk Container (Bulk Container) It is a closed container, there are two kinds of glass steel and steel. The former because of the larger sidewall strength, it is generally loaded with malt and chemicals and other relatively large density of bulk cargo, which is used to load the relative density of small grain. Bulk containers at the top of the loading port should be set up a good watertight cover, to prevent rain into the box.Half Height Container