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Half Height Container Good Versatility

May 10, 2017

Half Height Container The governor, all cargo transporters are limited to a maximum of 4 meters. The container truck can be said to be natural exceeded, sad reminder comparable to 17.5 meters large car.

Container box width are the same, the height of the main 2.6 meters and 2.9 meters two sizes, tractor saddle from the ground height of about 1.32 meters, plus skeleton and traction pin gap, the total height of about 1.55 meters from the ground. In this case, even if the pull 2.6 meters high container, trailer height will reach 2.6 + 1.55 = 4.15 meters, properly super high.

Containers are of international standard size, want to change the container size is almost impossible. Part of the container cargo but with the customs supervision of such labels, so can not be demolished, would like to have no way to sub-packaging, can only be transported as is. The overrun seems unavoidable.

And this rule super, for ultra-high law enforcement requirements are very strict, if only a fine, you can also ask the owner will be overdue fees,Half Height Container  if simply do not let the high-speed, then how to do it?

Since the container can not change the height, it can only be in the tractor saddle and trailer above to find a way to make the height of the two add up to 4 meters. It would seem a good idea to take the initiative to reduce the height of the trailer. But rush between the transfer will cause economic losses, which requires the majority of card friends carefully weighed.

But this new regulation for the container transport is not just Tim block. According to Table 2 of the new GB1589 standard, the maximum length of the semi-trailer carrying the 45 ft (ft) container is 13.95 m,Half Height Container Half Height Container  20 cm more than the 13.75 m of the ordinary trailer. This makes the 45-foot container shipping legalized, it can be considered extra care.

Semi-trailer main structural features: assembly 28 lock, can be shipped 14 standard micro-box; frame for the high and low structure, bearing surface is low, increased the scope of the flow of materials. Widely used in ports, tunnels, interchange and other limited high sections.

After the bearing surface height of only 1040mm, bearing surface is low, the maximum increase in its micro-box size, to adapt to different cargo packing requirements.

Half Height Container Semi-trailer with large wheelbase design, shaft spacing of 1850mm, suspension support area is larger, can effectively reduce the stress concentration, the frame force more uniform.

To reduce the bearing surface, the use of enhanced anti-mounted suspension, both to reduce the bearing surface, but also to ensure that the vehicle carrying capacity.

Selection of 150 × 150 square cross-section axle, good versatility

Trailer assembly ABS brake system to ensure the performance of trailer brake, shorten the braking distance.

Most of the frame structure using string beam, the effective transmission of the load bearing pressure, reducing the beam welding force.

Half Height Container The cross bar at the lock position increases the bracing or stiffening plate, increases the contact area between the beam and the stringer, increases the strength of the beam and the stringer, and reduces the possibility of weld cracking.

The posterior longitudinal beam adopts double web structure, which increases the structural strength and torsional resistance of the longitudinal beam, and avoids the distortion of the frame.

Using a common container lock, lift-type rotary lock, to adapt to different specifications micro-box loading.

The use of relatively small width of 255 / 70R22.5 tires, tire tread wide, good stability, strong adhesion, with a large carrying capacity, speed level suitable for driving on the highway.

Self-tensioning flexible fender fender with flexible material, spring tension, reduce mud water adhesion, increase tire bounce space.