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Experts On The Development Of Container Housing

Jan 20, 2017

"In the affordable housing supply strained or purchasers a strictly limited circumstances, develop ' container House ' may be in the future an effective way to solve the housing problems of low-income earners. "Xie Yifeng, a famous real estate marketing planning thinking. He said that China is unlikely to implement in the short term "container housing" policy, but, at least you can take "container houses" in some cities or individual city "pilot" way, proper release, after waiting for the time and conditions are ripe, then nationwide implementation and distribution and widely promoted.

In his view, the "container housing" cost to meet market demand, can also be reduced due to the high prices of social anger solution due to high prices or low income people who can't afford to buy a House, and the housing problem of the floating population in urban fringe life. Finally, to some extent, the phenomenon of prices rising too fast, it has some inhibitory effects. In his view, "the Government should seriously consider the impact on people's lives."