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Equipment Containers Security Organization Work

May 15, 2017

For the chemical production are generally continuous production, each Equipment Containerss are in the production process, respectively, play a certain storage, reaction, transportation, processing and other necessary role, and there is a certain relationship between each other, a certain part of the problem It will bring a chain reaction. Equipment, containers are often due to changes in production conditions and their own conditions are limited, the situation is very complex, if the maintenance staff blindly enter, there will be accidents. Especially in the case of normal system production, one of the equipment, containers to check, repair, more prone to accidents.

Any violation of the various containers into the equipment to carry out any work, are likely to occur suffocation, poisoning, burns or containers such as fire and other accidents. In order to ensure the safe entry of the container and the safety of the staff in the equipment, it is necessary to enter the container and equipment work permit according to the system. Its purpose is mainly to make the following work.

1. Identify work programs and security measures based on the specific content of the work and to implement them.

2, to ensure that personnel to enter the container, the equipment can be cut off with the production system, and promptly notify the relevant personnel to make the appropriate preparations.

3, will enter the container, equipment personnel necessary technical explanation and safety education.

4, do a good job of security organization, a clear division of labor, responsibility to the people, and designated person guardianship.

In the process of applying for and approving access to the container equipment, it is only one form to sign and fill in the work permit for entering the equipment and containers. The key is to implement the safety measures. Therefore, the relevant personnel should not act hastily, free to fill in the tiger, but should seriously implement the various security measures. Approval staff can not be formalized signature, but to the scene to check the implementation of security measures, and then signed the approval of "into the Equipment Containers operation certificate."

Safety isolation is mainly to the staff to enter the workplace and some of the risk factors may be isolated from the accident, that is, cut off the container, equipment and materials, water, gas, electricity, power and other parts of the link to prevent the staff in When working in a container, flammable, explosive, toxic media flee into the Equipment Containers due to improper or erroneous operation of the valve, and the occurrence of various personal injury accidents due to the uninterrupted power supply. There are quite a few examples of this.

Chemical production in the container pipe on the material, water, gas and other isolated as the specific circumstances (pressure, material properties, inspection time, etc.) were closed after the valve, plus blind plate and remove the pipeline method. Usually the use of blind plate to be isolated, because it is easy to operate, safe and reliable. If the container inside the fire or long overhaul, the removable section and the container connected to the pipeline, but the production system connected to the end of the mouth, should also be blind dead. Never allow a simple water seal off the valve to be isolated.

The mechanical and electrical transmission equipment isolation, the power should be pulled down the gate and listed to prohibit the start, but also to lock the lock, remove the fuse, by the maintenance or custody or custody. For the power part to remove the transmission part, such as belt drive can be removed.

In addition to the above isolation, but also should be made and the surrounding Equipment Containerss, a variety of combustible materials, the safety of isolation. The deeper containers should also consider the layered isolation, to prevent high-altitude fall tools or other objects, wound the bottom of the staff and the height of the crash caused by Mars.

Due to the safety of industrial production in order to prevent the use of blinded blind and more widely used, and pipeline containers containing pressure and dangerous substances, and more at high altitude, so in this work should pay attention to:

(A) before the work of the container must be the pressure inside the pipe, the material to discharge, the temperature dropped to below 60 ℃, and pay attention to prevent the formation of negative pressure to ensure that the internal residual liquid (laboratory confirmed), residual pressure.

(B) more than two meters of work should take a scaffolding or platform, fasten the seat belt. When entering equipment containing toxic and hazardous substances, the staff should wear suitable protective equipment. Working for a long time, to rotate jobs.

(3) Where a pipe is in a no-fire area or a dangerous medium, the equipment shall not be allowed to be knocked with iron when the flange is disassembled, and it is strictly prohibited to use fire within the prescribed distance.

(D) the demolition of the bolt should be slow, Equipment Containers every one or two loose one, to confirm no danger before all the unloading, in the pumping part of the blind plate to hang "blind" brand logo, low pressure blind plate should be left , Left a hole on the handle, as a lifting and blind plate logo purposes.

(5) to plug the blind plate should be carried out according to the blind plate, at the same time to establish a dug blank plate record account, indicating the time and place to block, blind board specifications, block the name of personnel. Blind plate by the project manager to master, Equipment Containers no one can arbitrarily change.

(6) The thickness of the blind plate at the point where the pressure may be generated shall be calculated and used. Application of kerosene leaking in low and medium pressure blind. For high pressure blind plate,Equipment Containers before the use of the plate should also be checked for strength and non-destructive testing.

(7) to prevent the demolition of the flange, the process of blocking the blind due to misuse or other causes of dangerous substances suddenly sprang.

(8) must be cleaned and replaced for highly toxic devices. And then plug the blind plate.