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Correlation Index Of Equipment Containers

Aug 23, 2017

    Provide the following information: When piping, the rear cooler shall not bear additional force. No welding sparks fall into the air compressor, to avoid burnout of air compressor parts. In charge of the road must have 1°~2° downward tilt, in order to benefit the pipeline condensate water discharge (piping should be sewage screw plugging, regular sewage). The diameter of the pipe should be greater than or equal to the diameter of the compressor outlet. In the pipeline to minimize the use of elbow and various types of valves to reduce pressure loss.Equipment Containers
    In charge of the road do not shrink or enlarge, if the need to shrink or enlarge the use of tapered tube, otherwise in the joint will have turbulence, resulting in a large pressure loss, at the same time because of the impact of gas pressure, the pipeline life will be greatly shortened. The feeder line must be drawn from the top of the main road to avoid the condensation water in the main road flowing along the pipe into the machine. It is suggested to install the gas storage tank after the unit, which can reduce the loading and unloading times of the air compressor and prolong the life of the organism and electric. such as air compressor after the storage tank, dryer and other purification buffer facilities, the ideal piping should be air compressor + gas tank + dryer. Gas tank can reduce the temperature of gas discharge, remove most of the water, lower temperature and less water in the air into the dryer, can reduce the load of the dryer.Equipment Containers
   Less than 1.5MPa of compressed air, the flow rate must be below 15m/s to avoid excessive pressure drop in the pipeline. The ideal piping is the lead line surrounding the entire plant and the proper valve is configured on the ring main route. So, in the plant any position of the straight line pipe, can obtain two directions of compressed air, if a certain branch of the sudden increase in gas volume, also will not cause significant pressure drop; In addition, the valve can be used to cut off the pipeline.Equipment Containers
   You can have half a tank of water in a gas tank, but it is impossible to keep the rust leaking for ten years unless the compressed air contains acidic or alkaline constituents. Second, preferably in the gas tank before the gas water separator, general air compressor are brought. Third: The bottom of the gas tank must have a sewage outlet, the installation of a ball valve, regular discharge can be. If you are in trouble, you can install an automatic drain in the vent of the gas storage tank, remember to have a good quality and not be easy to block. It's no use plugging it. Easy to use, but more expensive. Domestic is not as good as ball valve. Equipment Containers
   IV:Whether the pipeline design is reasonable. Compressed air piping generally requires tilt 1° around, at the end of the pipeline installation of sewage discharge, the import of gas tanks to go up, from the system pipeline inlet is best into the gas tank of the pipeline interface in the main pipeline, make a 180° bending neck down to the gas tank imports can.Equipment Containers