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Container Weight Limit

Jan 20, 2017

Weight limit on the container, first of all, is it the weight limit of the box itself, each container in the Cabinet are clearly marked on the maximum weight: MAX WEIGHT XXXXKGS, tare TARE WEIGHT:ZZZZ KGS, the former the latter reduction, is the maximum loading weight of the containers, some containers marked with PAYLOAD:SSSSKGS directly to the weight limit on the door.

This is the container box body can withstand a maximum intensity, load exceeds this limit, box variants may occur, bottom plate off, beam bending, damage, all losses arising therefrom will be borne entirely by the freighter. At present, most professional container terminals are equipped with automatic platform balances, so as long as the container loading beyond the box weight limit, the Terminal is to refuse to accept. Therefore recommend that before packing, see the container box on the weight limit to avoid unnecessary back boxes of heavy job.

Normal dry container 20'GP;40'GP two of the old system, which 20'GP General maximum 21.5 TONS, suitable for loading heavy cargo, 40'GP the General weight limit to 26 TONS, suitable for loading light cargoes. But with the popularity of container shipping, more and more goods, it is not suitable for transport in containers, also have turned to transported by container ship, which put forward higher requirements to the container box.

Soon after the boat developed exclusively to European transport textiles, electronics and other bulky cargo of 40HQ, General weight limit is 25.5TONS; As more products, such as ore, grain, chemicals, join the ranks of container transport, shipping companies have also developed 20'GP to strengthen tank, weight limit for the 27.5TONS;40'GP enhanced box, the weight limit is 28TONS, and even some shipping companies dedicated to specific countries to develop 45' and 48' special box.