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Container House, The Next Wild Flow

May 31, 2017

The Container House was originally a container for the transport of goods, but the designers put it into a creative container house. This waste container has been carefully designed, waste use, and can break through the limitations of land use.

Convenient, removable, can be assembled, plasticity, Container House can play your imagination to become a variety of types of housing. These advantages in one, that is, container housing. Very modern. Different from the Chinese, European-style, in the outskirts of the open space, not subject to environmental constraints, very suitable for camping.

Container Houseadvantage

• The container itself has a high strength, the ability to withstand loads even more than ordinary ordinary buildings, and also has anti-corrosion and a certain degree of fire resistance, Container House is your home travel essential products.

• Costs are cheaper than traditional buildings and can be used for the second time without excessive construction waste.

• Because the size of the container itself is fixed, each container can be used as a separate building or as a unit module for a building. It simplifies the construction process and is easy to disassemble.

Container House Disadvantages

• Because the composition of the container is mostly steel, it is easy to produce rust and so on, and the insulation performance is poor, need to take to increase the insulation cotton, rock wool board, silicate board and other insulation measures, and must brush Rust paint to prevent corrosion of the box.

The characteristics finished, and then talk about the container building several common design techniques.

Young people love, in the open place, build a Container House, can live, office. Not in the intensive high-rise to the numbness of the work, in this can be intimate contact with nature, more inspiration from the surging.

A simple life, no noisy, enjoy such a happy.

Green fashion, bright colors eye-catching eyes.

Made such a Container House is not very complicated, choose a beauty created it.