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Container House Made Great Contribution To Construction Industry

Jan 20, 2017

With the current development of container House construction industry, not only solved the housing problems in the community, and better overall raise the level of the construction industry as a whole. The next 20 years is a period of high growth in China's economic development, by 2020, China will also build 30 billion square meters building, container House, new building as a building materials industries to adjust the industrial structure and strategic focus of transforming the pattern of economic growth, has a bright future.

At present, more and more modern construction professional, more and more manufacturers of construction industry in raising comfort, fashion houses, while also taking into account the construction of energy-saving. As the container House, the use of energy-saving building materials and technology matures, new building materials market space is growing, and new building materials do not pollute the environment, relatively long service life, can also be used as a renewable resource. Similar container House has given further impetus to the work of the modern construction industry, promotes the industrialization level of construction industry building, to promote the development of China's modern construction industry made a positive contribution.

According to the historical process, industrial tents to modern living containers, not just for the State promotes the sustainable development and innovation was also a thinking.