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Container House Analysis Of Industry Development

Jun 02, 2017

    Activity housing is compared to the traditional fixed residential, when the relocation can not reduce the loss of materials, the use of the same material in different places can be built to do another house, often as a short period of time temporary housing use. The following talk about the development of the activities of housing.

    The most primitive activities of the house should be left by the ancestors, it is set up with wood, and then covered with straw, corn stalks, plastic cloth. This kind of house can also be seen 20 years ago, some vegetable growers, in the ground when the food will build such a house. After reading the dishes to be removed, the second year to re-build.

    Later, on the construction site, there appeared a tent, this tent has welded steel pipe into a loose component, in the installation of the shelves can be set up a house, and then surrounded by rain on the tarpaulin around, this house The characteristic is easy to move, without any loss. The disadvantage is that the warmth is not good, can be used in the summer, but to the cold winter, this tent does not apply.Container House

    With the progress of society, people invented the activities of the cement board, which is the use of a magnesium plate material, the thickness of about four or five centimeters, is made of steel skeleton in the inside support, through the screw and other parts connected Put each board together, this kind of housing a little fixed feeling of housing, but from the appearance of some thin, not very strong. The advantage is that after the demolition of the future can also be re-assembled. Disadvantages are magnesium plate to build a house has a strong water absorption, after the water will make the house become damp, the use of the life is not very long, under normal circumstances is 3-5 years.Container House

    Color steel plate activity room completely changed the temporary room flexibility, easy installation, strong and so on the characteristics of the perfect show out. Now the country has nearly 20,000 production of color steel plate activities of the enterprise, these enterprises are from the cement board room development step by step. Color plate as a new type of building materials, it is very thin metal plate and the core material through the automatic molding of the tile machine bonding, has a very big advantage. It has a waterproof, warm, colorful, reusable features. If the core material used in the flame retardant materials, but also has a good fire performance. At present, most of the temporary construction sites on the construction site are built with color steel plate activities, the use of up to 20 years.Container House

    The last two years, there have been container-based container activities of the container room, the earlier container activity room is shipped out of the container through the welding process, the installation of doors and windows, air conditioning, etc. completed. It is also useful in the shape of the container, made with colored steel plate. With the improvement of production technology, container housing looks like no longer monotonous. Some hardcover container activity houses comparable to a 20 square meter hardcover house.