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Container Growing Organic Vegetables On The Farm In The United States

Jan 20, 2017

With less space and lower cost production of organic vegetables, container for Freight Farms farms do.

Growing vegetables in containers? Truck driver-turned-United States transportation hengmaerkemu·maikelaien (Malcom McLean), the invention of the container the container must not think, after more than 60 people are so crazy.

In Boston, Freight technology start-ups Farms have begun doing: ocean container a container into the roof, in the open space between the campus and buildings, can form an efficient and environment-friendly urban agricultural systems. Freight Farms now have to sell the system to several users, including Courtyard by Marriott Hotel and a number of distributors of agricultural products, and in December this year to $1.2 million in a round of venture capital.

Freight idea of Farms from the designer and co-founder Jonathan Friedman (Jonathan Friedman) to participate in an environmental project. Friedman and environmental sciences master degree bulade·maikenamala of my best friends (Brad McNamara) together for a massive roof greenhouse farm projects providing design consultation.

"Investments for a rooftop greenhouse farm concept is fascinating, but after seeing the cost will not be so excited. "Friedman told a TEDx Conference in Boston. They choose double-layer PVC insulation, roof greenhouse farms used for heating, cooling and ventilation power cost is still too high, can't make ends meet, it is impossible to promote large-scale.