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Components Of A Equipment Containers

Oct 16, 2017

Mainly by the finished water pipe, water storage package, lifting filling valve, positioning assembly and so on. After the bottle is positioned, the filling machine moves up and Down under the cylinder action and opens and closes the valve by the bottle mouth limit control. Product water through the pipeline, water package into the filling valve into the bottle, can ensure the filling accuracy and liquid level adjustable, and to ensure the filling of sealing.Equipment Containers Bottle washing mechanism: mainly by the rack, stainless steel frame, water pipe, Chuck bottle Head, track, the next water plate, on the block water plate and plexiglass cover, such as composition, bottle positioning, clamp the mouth turn upside down 180 degrees inverted flush, rinse after 180 degrees, to the conveyor chain, the bottle can be effectively washed inside and outside, and avoid flushing liquid Splash, Excellent maintenance interchangeability and reliability.Equipment Containers

Packaging equipment equipment In the filling equipment has been more and more attention in the market, the safe filling of the whole production line has very big influence on the quality, with the development of the automatic technology, the filling equipment of our country has made the very good progress, the technical support already does not need to rely on the foreign technology to support, Let's introduce the filling method of filling equipment classification: Linear filling equipment is in the filling line of the more common equipment, its market application volume and technology maturity in the filling equipment is the first and more complete equipment. Linear filling machine is very common in paste filling, powder filling and granule filling, and it is easy to produce filling line by using a better line. Linear filling equipment in reference to foreign similar products on the basis of improved design, and added some additional functions. The use of products in operation, precision error, installation, equipment cleaning, maintenance and other aspects of more simple and convenient.Equipment Containers