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Classification Of Standard Shipping Container

Sep 09, 2017

      With the development of container transport, countries in the formulation of the container safety, customs, quarantine and other planning, the ISO standard as a reference. In order to successfully carry out international container transport, countries in the signing of various container transport conventions, also want to be based on the ISO proposal, requirements on the size of the container, dimensions and other aspects of mutual recognition, so that all countries in accordance with this standard manufacturing containers, so that the container specifications in the world gradually unified.Standard Shipping Container
      A dedicated transport vehicle for carrying containers. Container transport development in the early stage, because the container load is small, the quantity is not large, use ordinary laden vehicles to carry. Since the the 1960s, with the rapid development of container transport, countries have developed into a special vehicle to transport containers. The dimensions of the loading parts of a container vehicle are determined according to the size of the standard container, and a torsion lock device with fixed container is arranged in the position corresponding to the four corners of the container bottom.Standard Shipping Container
      The container vehicle usually uses the combination form of the automobile train. This combination has a half hanging type, all hanging type and double hanging type, in which half hang type of car train mostly. The semi-trailer consisting of a container vehicle train has two types--flat and skeleton. Flatbed Semi-trailer loading site is a flat pallet, can be used for shipping containers, can also be used for the shipment of ordinary long cargo, the use of high efficiency vehicles.Standard Shipping Container
      The loading part of the skeleton semi-trailer is the chassis skeleton of the pallet, the container is loaded on the vehicle and fixed by the torsion lock device, and also becomes the strength component of the semi-trailer. The skeleton semi-trailer can only be used for shipping containers exclusively. It has the advantages of small weight, simple structure and convenient maintenance. In the form of structure, the container semi-trailer is divided into two types, the straight frame and the goose neck type. A straight-frame semi-trailer is suitable for shipping a flat-bottomed container; The gooseneck semi-trailer is a container that specializes in the bottom structure of the groove and can lower the loading height.Standard Shipping Container