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Bulk Storage Containers

Jul 25, 2017

               Over LPG, in this paper, liquefied natural gas, dimethyl ether, liquid ammonia and other media and their storage characteristics are analyzed, and a method suitable for measuring the liquid level of large capacity container with pressure for storing these medium is put forward, and the best implementation scheme for liquid level measurement of large capacity vessel with pressure is obtained by using the method of cost analysis Storage Containers

               This paper refers to the large-capacity storage container with pressure, which is used for storage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) spherical tanks in petrochemical industry and chemical industries. Cylindrical Arch Tank, a cryogenic spherical tank for storing liquefied natural gas (LNG), a cryogenic cylindrical arched tank, a dimethyl ether (DME) spherical tank for storing a new clean fuel, and a horizontal cylindrical tank for storing liquid ammonia (LA).

              These containers are large in capacity, quantity, high cost, common equipment volume is more than 1 000~10 $number m3, liquid level measurement height of about $number m, single equipment cost millions of to tens of millions of yuan, each enterprise has a number of tanks from several to dozens of. Container storage medium flammable, explosive or toxic, harmful, container pressure work, medium temperature is more than normal temperature or low temperature.Storage Containers

              According to the particularity of the container, in this paper, the "Engineering Life cycle Cost Analysis method" is used to analyze and compare the different liquid level measurement schemes of large-capacity storage containers with pressure, in order to provide designers and decision makers with a suitable and feasible technical way to select the liquid level measurement scheme of large capacity storage containers with pressure.Storage Containers