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Bulk Containers Unit

Aug 09, 2017

             Container Unit, abbreviated as: TEU, is the abbreviation of the English twenty equivalent unit, also known as 20-foot conversion units, is the calculation of container box number conversion units. Also called International Standard box unit. It is commonly used to represent the capacity of ships to load containers, and is also an important statistic and conversion unit for container and port throughput.Bulk Containers

             Most of the country's container shipments use two containers, 20 feet and 40 feet long. In order to unify the number of containers, the 20-foot container is used as a unit of calculation and 40-foot container is used as two units to calculate the container's operating volume uniformly.Bulk Containers

             In the statistics of the number of containers there is a term: natural box, also known as "physical box." The natural box is not a conversion of the physical box, that is, whether it is 40-foot container, 30-foot container, 20-foot container or 10-foot container is counted as a container.Bulk Containers

             container because of its handling and transportation standardization, in the transport process do not need to be adapted to a variety of transport methods. Container transport is a convenient and efficient door-to-door service, loading and unloading, transportation, customs clearance (anti-smuggling/anti-terrorism) efficiency, has become an important mode of global transport. In addition, the operating container needs to carry out intermediate inspection and periodical inspection. It is precisely because of the particularity of the container that the State party government authorizes an organization to inspect and certify the design, manufacture, inspection and use of the container, and the inspection of the relevant classification society of the container authority is customary in the world.Bulk Containers