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Bulk Containers Internal Timely Clean

May 15, 2017

Bulk Containers If the bulk containers can be scientifically maintained, so it can greatly improve the service life, bulk containers in many industries have applications, but many people do not pay attention to the maintenance of bulk containers, which makes bulk containers for the lifetime of a discount, then, how should such bulk containers for scientific conservation?

Bulk Containers First Rainproof Sunscreen

Bulk Containers Although the bulk containers have a certain anti-corrosion function, and the exterior has also made the corresponding anti-corrosion material parcel, but if bulk containers are exposed to prolonged exposure or rain, they can also corrode surfaces, especially in areas with poorer air conditions or acid rain, and if they do not pay attention to rain and sunscreen, even higher bulk containers will soon be damaged.

Bulk Containers The second scratch is required to use professional repair reagent anti-corrosion

After scraping in bulk containers, need to use professional repair reagent repair, because the bulk container outside the professional anti-corrosion protective layer, if subjected to scratch, then will soon be subjected to external or atmospheric pollutants corrosion, so that bulk container epidermis paint surface off, and finally corrosion to the entire cabinet.

Bulk Containers Third internal timely cleaning

After a single use of bulk containers, to concentrate on its internal cleaning, mainly for bulk containers of the wall and the bottom of the box to clean and wipe, see whether there are garbage or corrosive substances residues, if so, the need to use the special reagent as soon as possible in the reaction, to prevent the body of the box erosion, advanced bulk containers should be equipped with professional cleaning personnel.

Bulk Containers Fourth daily use of overlapping time should not be too long

In many cases, such as at the dock, the bulk containers will be suspended from the following stacking, in order to save the space of the relevant venues, but it is important to note that the bulk containers should not be too long, because it is different from the bottom of the top and the endurance of the top of the lower strength, if the long stack of time can make the top deformation.

Bulk Containers The above is about equipment and decoration maintenance methods, in addition, in transport, the bulk containers can be wrapped outside a dedicated anti-corrosion protective film to cope with the transport process of corrosive substances, when bulk containers are damaged or cracks, need timely repair and cleaning, to prevent further expansion of damage area.