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Application Of Storage Containers In Petroleum Industry

Sep 09, 2017

      The large capacity storage container refers to the petrochemical industry, spherical tanks and cylindrical arches for storage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in industries such as the chemical industry, cryogenic spherical tanks for storage of LNG (LNG), cryogenic cylindrical arches, and dimethyl ether (DME) spherical tanks for the storage of new clean fuels and the storage of liquid ammonia (LA) Horizontal cylindrical tanks, etc.Storage Containers
      These containers are large in capacity, quantity, high cost, common equipment volume is more than 1 000~10 $number m3, liquid level measurement height of about $number m, single equipment cost in millions of to tens of millions of yuan, each enterprise has a number of tanks from several to dozens of units. Container storage medium flammable, explosive or toxic, harmful, container pressure work, medium temperature is more than normal temperature or low temperature. According to the particularity of the container, in this paper, the "Engineering Life cycle Cost Analysis method" is used to analyze and compare the different liquid level measurement schemes of large-capacity storage containers with pressure, in order to provide designers and decision makers with a suitable and feasible technical way to select the liquid level measurement scheme of large capacity storage containers with pressure.Storage Containers
      Large capacity storage container with pressure, of which LPG, natural gas, dimethyl ether, ammonia and other media under normal temperature and pressure are gas phase, in order to store more products, the usual approach is to need to store the medium pressurized liquefaction, so that its storage pressure to set the temperature of the saturated vapor pressure, so in the tank storage medium for gas-liquid two-phase, And in a balanced state. When the storage medium is changed from liquid to gaseous phase, need to absorb a lot of heat from the outside world, the medium from liquid phase to gaseous phase transition process is very intense, the volume expansion rate is very high (such as 20 ℃ when the liquid ammonia ratio is about 1.6 l/kg, while the gas ammonia specific at the same temperature is more than 1 l/kg), will make the pressure in the storage container rise rapidly.Storage Containers
     To this end, in the storage container filling the initial stage, must not because the container liquid level is low, the level meter does not have the reading and the fast filling medium, otherwise very easy because the liquid medium which filled into is rapid vaporization, the rapid, the massive endothermic, causes the container partial frost to crack, may cause the safety And at the end of the storage container filling, if the filling exceeds the design maximum limit, when the outside temperature rises, the medium in the container will continue to vaporize, the gas phase medium volume expands, causes the pressure in the container unceasingly to rise, when the container overpressure discharges, may the container liquid medium to bring out, causes the storage tank periphery to have the security hidden danger, causes the safety accident.Storage Containers