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Analysis Of Container House

Jan 20, 2017

Container House entered the stage of rapid development, more and more people are concerned about the container House, container House activity is no longer confined to the construction site buildings, began to enter other areas of construction. Container House is a new steel construction standard rectangular structure, on the basis of a single container House, the combination of a variety of different features and requirements of the housing. Container House is generally rectangular, and can easily combine stack extensions, or you can create a variety of different colors, decoration, this container House in appearance with ordinary House is not much different. 

Container House now generally used on construction sites, offices, dormitories, kitchen, toilet, sentry box, etc, can also be used for road building temporary housing, temporary housing for municipal office. Can also be used for large scale events Hall, lounge, bathroom, this container House can be transferred, show the transfer along with the container House showrooms of goods, convenient and flexible, without clean up the layout, save time, will not damage the exhibits, most maintain the integrity of the exhibit.