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A Detailed Description Of The Storage Containers

Sep 19, 2017

     The liquid reservoir is installed between the condenser and the volatile device, close to the condenser, to store liquid refrigerant, and to suck the water from the refrigerant, also known as a high-pressure reservoir or a liquid reservoir. The liquid storage device is divided into upper and lower compartments, mainly using the media absorbing moisture. Storage Containers

      The liquid tank flows from the upper to the pressurized refrigerant, and only liquids (LIQUID) flow through the tubes below to the evaporator. In this process, the liquid reservoir will simultaneously clear the water and steam bubbles. In addition the upper part of the liquid reservoir is fitted with a lower filter.Storage Containers

     First, the two thin-walled cylinders are fixed in spot welding at approximately 25mm spacing, and then 1.13kg (2.5lb) Hammer beat the solder joint, then weld along the spot welding, weld the longitudinal weld, then the welding seam. After the welding is finished, the weld is hammer along the welding direction and the final polishing process is carried out.Storage Containers

     It is very important to use hammer after each welding, because the shrinkage of stainless steel plate after welding is very obvious. The general diameter of the cylinder is 500mm, the shrinkage is about 2mm, with Hammer beat is to eliminate shrinkage, restore the original length of the cylinder. In addition, the hammer can also improve the internal structure of the weld, eliminate internal stress, so that the weld to obtain the same mechanical properties as the body.Storage Containers

    With the progress of science and technology, some applications of vacuum devices to the large-scale, high vacuum direction of development. such as volume $number m3, the ultimate vacuum of 10-3 Pa vacuum equipment has been built. Compared with conventional vacuum equipment, such a large vacuum vessel can be very limited in terms of design theory, analytical method, manufacturing process technology and test evaluation data. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out some analytical research work to provide support for engineering practice.Storage Containers

    The gas load is the basis of determining the technical index of the vacuum equipment, the system and process design and the quality control, this paper analyzes the gas, seepage gas and air leakage of the material outgassing, evaporation or sublimation of the large-scale high vacuum vessel.Storage Containers