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The rapid development of container transport container manufacturing boom. Container manufacturing industry mainly dry cargo container, refrigerated containers and tank-containers manufacture of other types of special containers. Among them, the Chinese standard dry cargo container 95% per cent of total world production, container production and sales volume more than 10 years has been the world's first.

Container and metal pakaged receptacles industries is an industry under the metal products industry, plays an important role in the national economy. As the world economy recovers, particularly rapid development of the international shipping industry, as a wide range of industries provides a package of supporting industries, container and metal pakaged receptacles industry will usher in a new period of development.

China has attracted substantial foreign investment, "workshop of the world" to take shape. The import of raw materials required for these export-oriented production, exports of manufactured goods, boosting the size of China's foreign trade expanded rapidly. Most exports of manufactured goods for suitable cases, as the "workshop of the world" scale expansion and diversification, the demand for suitable cases best carrier of containers, will also continue. The rapid development of foreign trade is the important foundation of ensuring sustainable growth of China's container production.

Largest container manufacturer in the world (Group) respectively, cimc, xinhuachang, singamas container, their main production base in China. Three companies of the world's total container 80%, including cimc's production accounted for half of the world.