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Jan 20, 2017

Transfer station

Container transport transfer stations or distribution center outside the harbour. It works except there is no container ship loading and unloading operations, but others with the container terminal business. Measurement of transfer stations or inland, including urban transit of container handling in Hong Kong, inland cities, inland stations, river ports are.

Freight station

LCL boxing and unboxing of the ship, cargo handing of both places. Carrier at a port or inland cities can only be entrusted to an operator of container freight station. By it on behalf of the carrier for the following major lines of business:

LCL cargo handling and transfer; exterior inspection of the goods, such as when there is a different shape, for such endorsement; allocating stowage and packing of the LCL; import unboxing unboxing and custody of the goods; the carrier adding seal and issue a receipt; handling of documentation and preparation.